Ba'alt City

A floating island port comprised of seven tiers that wrap a central spiral staircase.

Population 20,000+

Tier 0: Temple and Forest

Tier 1: Flos (Flower Store), Kaai (Key Store), Various Antique Merchants, High End Cafes, Temple Bank, High End Tailors (Clothing and Shoes), Decorators, Art Galleries and Expensive Homes. Docks used for non commercial traffic each shared by wealthy families for their personal craft.

Tier 2: Grocers, Various Inns, Illdred’s Glass Emporium, Various Tailors, Merchants Offices (Exterior), Shipping Companies (Merikebi, Ontzia, Omi and Alus) and various Inns of Higher Quality. All docks have Commercial traffic and are owned by the various Merchants docking space leased to the

Tier 3: The Red Dragon Inn, A large diaspora of Inns mainly servicing dock workers and Sailors, Some “Pleasure Houses”, Various Food sellers, Gambling houses and Stores selling the many items needed by sailors and ship guards.

Ba'alt City

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