The Kingdom purportedly ruled by the King of Tyre. The King is really just the ruler of Byrsa the capital of the Kingdom. The Duchies that make up the Kingdom only usually pay the most minimal amount of respect to the King. Tyre is still by far the most powerful nation of the Inner Sphere it’s great wealth is well renowned. It is home to many of the great artists and academics of the Inner Sphere. It has a very balmy temperate climate compared to the higher floating kingdoms whose frigid state causes many young brilliant minds to flee to the Universities and industries of Great Byrsa and the surrounding Island Cities of Tyre.

The Seven Dukes of Tyre are of the Seven Great Families of Tyre

Ahneus matriarchs of the Duchy of Sestos. Ruling from the great city of Pindus.

Himo rulers of Uxphor the southern gateway to Tyre.

Letidyr richest of the Ducal Families. They are the controllers of the Great Shipyard of Illium and the surrounding islands.

Nahm of the Ebe islands. Allies of the Xi Drakes.

Kateus of Ancusa. Famous breeders of Rasters.

Viha the vitriolic rulers of Hama and it’s surrounding fortress islands. Known for their great warriors.

Ponos the great branch family of the Royal line. They control ownership of the Alus shipping company. Ruling from Byrsa’s twin city of Adulis


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