Inner Sphere

The protected centre of Aroah. The central city island of Byrsa capital of Tyre is the supposed power in this region. But really Tyre is a loose collection of Duchies that offer some minimal respect to the King of Tyre. The Inner Sphere contains 5 nations of varying size none of them come close to the size of Tyre. Some Kings of Tyre have tried to refer to themselves as the emperors of Aroah. But none has ever truly ruled Aroah.

The planes of the Inner Sphere vary greatly in climate some of them hot and humid closer to the ocean. Others cold and often covered in snow at the top of the sphere.

Much of the agriculture occurs in the central plane. On the more rural islands that surround Tyre.

The Nations of the Inner Sphere are:

- Hoko is a collection of nations of which the largest is Ba’alt. Ba’alt itself is a loose collection of traders based in Ba’alt City. The Merchant caste of Ba’alt rules over a collection of farming islands at the far edges of Eastern Central Plane. The other nations span the outer edges of the Central Plane. The Hoko are sturdy farmers and merchants. A few of these people are those who have endured the harsh realities of the Ducal Cities and have fled to the bucolic dream of life in Hoko.

- Ustalav is a Principality ruled over by a life long elected Prince from one of the Noble families. Ustalav is known as a dark, strange and violent place. It has a long history of fending off reavers from Aoteroa and dealing with demons some say were made by the professors of the famous Leipstadt University. It spans most of the islands of the Lower Central Plane.

- Kussara is a militaristic Kingdom with a powerful caste of former and serving soldiers. It spans the whole Lower Plane and patches of the Lower Central Plane. Long years of fighting off invaders from Aoteroa and the Cippi have made it a cruel authoritarian society. Slavery is common in Kussarra. Much of the rare foods are bought from traders of the far southern nations transported up to the cities from here. The climate here hot and transitions from desert to jungle to rainforest. Strange and fascinating creatures roam in these lower reaches.

- Ullr vast in area Ullr spans the entire Upper Plane and the Upper Central Plane. But it has few people and the far Upper parts are barely fit for human habitation. Snow and ice covers the islands in the Upper Plane. The people of the islands here scratch out a meagre living as herders and trappers. Explorers will venture here in search of the many treasures of this rarely trod and dangerous plane. Ullr is ruled by a God King Hoenir who has lived for as many years as anyone can remember. Clad in iron he walks the world a literal giant amongst men. The people here live under constant assault from the weird and brutal Rahenna.

- Great Tyre spans the majority of the Central Plane the Dukes of Tyre and it’s King are the wealthiest people of the Inner Sphere. Through their interests in the Temple of Aeons they maintain control over the Numenera. All the Nations of the Inner Sphere rely on the Aeon Priests for Numenera. Tyre uses this power to control and in some cases dominate the politics of the Inner Sphere. The fractured nature of Tyre is all that keeps the other nations from being subsumed by it again before the Fracture. Before the Tyrant.

Inner Sphere

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