An inquisitive Nano who consorts with the dead


Doyun grew up in a small village on a floating mountainous island far to the north.
Most people in the village lived of shepherding and mining, a hard but simple life, most of them rarely venturing further than the nearest town.
The wisest person in the village was old Mater Seok, who used his knowledge and vast collection of books to teach the local children, one of them being Doyun.
Doyun was a kid who felt everything very deeply, and loved all living things, often helping his younger sister tending to wounded animals.
Ironic then that his power, that surfaced from an early age was that of raising the dead.
When Doyun first realized his powers when he helped solve a murder by talking to the murdervictim, Seok takes him under his wing and helps him come to terms with his strange abilities, revealing himself to be a powerful Nano.
Doyun spends hours reading in Seoks library, learning as much as possible about the world as he can. Apart from Seok and Doyuns older brother, Hyeon, no one knows of Doyuns abilities, which makes him grow more and more apart from his family and the rest of the village.
When Seok uses all of his power to save the village from a landslide, he burns himself out completely and dies. Doyun reveals his powers to the village by conjuring Seoks voice in front of them. Seok tells the village to help one another, and to treat Doyun as one of them. He also tells Doyun to travel the world, and to return to the village one day.
Thus Doyun leaves his village to learn as much asv he can.
On his travels he often writes to his family and the rest of the village.

Likes: Books, tea, learning, helping people, writing/getting letters, plants and animals, exploring, ancient societies etc.

Dislikes: Death (lol), admitting that he doesn’t know something, most ’’modern’’ technology (as he doesn’t understand most of it), not being able to carry an entire library (he tries though)


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