Castles in the Sky

A story set in a archipelago of islands floating above the ocean. In the Ninth World.

A bizarre family on the island of Auris has begun an adventure that will take them to places beyond their wildest dreams. This voyage will take place mainly upon a cobbled together airship a wild inventor constructed from the bones of a ruined ship he found as a small child. With the help of his orphaned nephew a burly put upon young man the ship is complete.

The family has collected a stray along the way a young woman driven from her home over a tragic event. Her body has been changed by a brutal and cruel illness that gave her powers that have made her a freak to the people of her home but here in her new home she is truly boring.

The family makes its home aboard the as yet grounded ship in the heavily forested depths of this island. In total isolation. Reachable only by a winding path that takes the traveller through canyons and in to an enormous bowl that makes up the south eastern part of the island. The nearest village clings to the edge of the forest and makes it’s living fishing the ocean below. Many do not venture in to the depths of the forest for they fear the wild animals who roam within.

Auris is far from the rest of the archipelago it floats some 200 meters above the heaving waves. It is home to all manner of creatures. Huge brightly coloured leathery flying creatures dominate the skies with their screeching. Down below the forest canopy all manner of sounds deafen the traveller. This is an island long forgotten about by the rest of the archipelago. It has also forgotten the world.

Castles in the Sky

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