Ai Wei the Mad

Inventor Extraordinaire


Ai Wei the Mad

Might: 9|0
Speed: 9|0
intellect: 18|1

Effort: 1
XP: 0

Descriptor: Learned – 3 areas of knowledge; +2 intellectual pool; socially inept (increased difficulty, one step, for charm, persuasion and etiquette); +2 additional books

Type: Nano:
– First-Tier: 3 cyphers; light weapons have no penalty

Focus: Crafts Unique Objects:
– Crafter: master identifier (identify any device); made armour for Rin

– Ward: shield causing +1 armour permanently
– Scan: scans a 10 foot area; costs 2 intelligence points

– Navigator Daemon (level 3): navigates to any coordinates for 28h
– Chitin Colony (level 4): +1 armour for 1h
– Nectar Dispenser (level 1): food for 3 people for one day if put into a container

– a cup that turns any liquid poured into it into alcohol
– 15cm metal bar that is impervious to all damage

– Clothing
– 4 shins
– 12 small bombs (2 damage)
– 3 books
– bag of light tools (create level 1 & 2 objects)


Ai Wei goes by many names in his rural village: genius, eccentric, mad, Avant-Garde fashion icon. Having lived most of life as a hermit in a found airship, Ai has little in the way of social grace, but what he lacks in charm he more than makes up for with his erratically inventive mind. After a failed experiment in which Ai’s brother was killed, Ai’s nephew Rin lives together with him and provides valuable assistance in developing various contraptions that promise ever greater explosions. Rocking white unkempt hair, thick goggles and a patchwork inventor’s garb with a matching (burnt) apron, Ai is ready to take flight after 20 years of tinkering with his airship in search of new, exciting discoveries.

Ai Wei the Mad

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